Monday, December 27, 2010

Turret Project: 2 servos + PIR + Turret

Here is the next project, a mini turret. Just the right balance of programming and electronics is required, so I think I can handle it.
First step will be to make the mount, then I will start messing with some PIR sensors. I will probably just write a simple motion program to check out the range of motion. This will become the start up routine.
If anything, this will show me if it is going to look cool or not.
With some quick solid modeling, I got the feeling it will make a decent looking paper weight :)

EDIT: After some thought and research, I am thinking that the PIR is not the route to go, and the easier method would be to use some IR Leds instead...we'll see. The possibility of using an off-the-shelf sensor still exists :D


  1. I was thinking of making something similar, with multiple PIR sensors I like the structure. Good work

  2. Thanks! I am still tossing around ideas of how to make the turret head. I have looked around for some cool design ideas, and have downloaded a few cool military turrets.
    Good luck with your project too!

  3. What program did you use to design this?